Episode 03: Fighting the Dragon

Micah and Tommy talk victory, complacency, sleeper agent code-words, and what it really means to “try.”

Artists Mentioned:

Brian Stelfreeze | twitter.com/Stelfreeze
Sam Weber | sampaints.com
Phil Hale | philhalestudio.com

Other Resources:

Artist Decoded podcast | artistdecoded.com
     Phil Hale “Juxtaposition” | artistdecoded.com/podcast/philhale
Alla Prima (II), Richard Schmid | on Amazon
Your Dreams My Nightmares | yourdreamsmynightmares.com
The Art Spirit, Robert Henri | on Amazon
Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, Anders Ericsson & Robert Pool | on Amazon

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Cover artwork by Micah Epstein, © Wizards of the Coast / Music by Dylan Roth