Closet Full of Cranes, with Greg Ruth

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Special guest Greg Ruth joins us for an in-depth talk on drawing, finding joy in art, navigating the realities of illustration, and how the work we do shapes the artists we become. Check out Greg's work at

Artists Mentioned:

Phil Hale |
Kent Williams |
Dave McKean |
Greg Manchess |
Dan Dos Santos |
Ian McCaig |
Drew Struzan |
Irene Gallo |
Lauren Panepinto |
George Pratt |
Jeffrey Catherine Jones | Google Images
Will Eisner |

Other Resources:

The Drybrush Master |
52 Weeks Project |
Indeh |
Meadowlark |
The Work, Greg Ruth |
The Phenomenology of Spirit, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel | On Amazon
Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud | On Amazon

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 Cover art by Greg Ruth, Music by Dylan Roth