Episode 05: Art & Craft

Tommy and Micah grapple with potential definitions for the terms "art" and "craft," before launching into a discussion of how those definitions affect our focus, how we change, and why.

Artists Mentioned:

Craig Mullins | goodbrush.com
Jaime Jones | artpad.org
Terry Miura | terrymiura.com
Alex Kanevsky | somepaintings.net
Cynthia Sheppard | cynthia-sheppard.squarespace.com
Karla Ortiz | karlaortizart.com
Mark Winters | markwintersart.com
Dave Palumbo | dvpalumbo.com
Alexandre "Zedig" Diboine | alexandrediboine.tumblr.com
Richard "Flaptraps" Anderson | flaptrapsart.com
Tran Nguyen | mynameistran.com
Phil Hale | philhalestudio.com
Nicolás Uribe | nicolasuribeart.com
Jeffrey Alan Love | jeffreyalanlove.com
Greg Manchess | manchess.com
Sam Weber | sampaints.com
John Harris | alisoneldred.com/JohnHarris
John Berkey | johnberkey.com
Nicolas "Sparth" Bouvier | sparth.com
Ian McQue | instagram.com/ianmcque

Other Resources:

Art & Fear, David Bayles & Ted Orland | On Amazon
Ego is the Enemy, Ryan Holiday | On Amazon
Artist Decoded podcast | artistdecoded.com
     Alex Kanevsky "Naive Vs. Sentimental Artists + The Search for Honesty and Clarity | artistdecoded.com/kanevsky
     Phil Hale “Juxtaposition” | artistdecoded.com/philhale
Communication Arts: Jeffrey Alan Love | commarts.com/jeffrey-alan-love
Your Dreams My Nightmares | yourdreamsmynightmares.com

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 Cover artwork by Tommy Arnold Music by Dylan Roth