Episode 06: Creating & Using Reference

Micah and Tommy talk photo-reference: how to create it, how to use it, and why. Art Process Mini-Series : Part 3 of 5.

Artists Mentioned:

Dave Palumbo | dvpalumbo.com
Dan Dos Santos | dandossantos.com
Chris Sickels, "Red Nose Studio" | rednosestudio.com
Dave McKean | davemckean.com
Jeff Simpson | instagram.com/jeffsimpsonkh
Phil Hale | philhalestudio.com
Drew Struzan | drewstruzan.com
Irene Gallo | igallo.blogspot.com
Victor Adame Minguez | victoradameart.com
Sam Weber | sampaints.com
Howard Lyon | howardlyon.com

Reference Resources:

Basic Model Release Form | Secure Download
Basic Lighting Equipment | On Amazon
DSLR Photography Basics | nikon.com

Other Resources:

Illustration Master Class | artimc.org
Jiro Dreams of Sushi | On Netflix
Artist Decoded podcast | artistdecoded.com
     Phil Hale “Juxtaposition” | artistdecoded.com/philhale
Conceiving and Creating the Hellboy Movie Poster Art - DVD, Drew Struzan | On Amazon
Magnus | On Netflix
Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera, Ron Schick | On Amazon
The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines | On Amazon
Muddy Colors | muddycolors.com
     Hot Lights on a Budget, Howard Lyon | muddycolors.com/2014/07
     Composing and Referencing with Creative Lighting, Dave Palumbo | muddycolors.com/2017/08
     How to Professionally Photograph Your Artwork for Less Than $300, Dave Palumbo | muddycolors.com/2013/07

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 Cover photography by Tommy Arnold, Music by Dylan Roth