Patron-Only Q&A No. 2: August 2019

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The team tackles a range of questions, including how to give and receive effective critique, working on a deadline, painting with value, approaching art directors, and how (and more importantly WHY) to chase your interests in art.

Patron Timestamps:

Collin: 0:01:08
JF Vargas: 0:17:55
Charlie: 0:28:55
Carlos: 0:35:07
Anonymous: 0:50:08

Artists Mentioned:

Greg Manchess |
Jon Foster |
Tim O'Brien |
Sam Weber |
Scott Fischer |
Craig Mullins |
Matt Rhodes |
Eric Canette |
Darren Bartley |
Jaime Jones |
Kekai Kotaki |
Irene Gallo |
Marc Scheff |
Yuko Shimizu |

Other Resources:

Sketchup |
Your Dreams My Nightmares |
SmArt School |
Run Love Kill | Image Comics

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 / Music by Dylan Roth