Episode 21: Closet Full of Cranes, with Greg Ruth

Special guest Greg Ruth joins us for an in-depth talk on drawing, finding joy in art, navigating the realities of illustration, and how the work we do shapes the artists we become.

Guest Host

Greg Ruth | gregthings.com

Artists Mentioned:

Phil Hale | philhalestudio.com
Kent Williams | kentwilliams.com
Dave McKean | davemckean.com
Greg Manchess | manchess.com
Dan Dos Santos | dandossantos.com
Ian McCaig | iainmccaig.blogspot.com
Drew Struzan | drewstruzan.com
Irene Gallo | igallo.blogspot.com
Lauren Panepinto | laurenpanepinto.com
George Pratt | georgepratt.com
Victo Ngai | victo-ngai.com
Yuko Shimizu | yukoart.com
Scott Fischer | scottmfischer.com
Jeffrey Catherine Jones | On Google Images
Will Eisner | willeisner.com
Mike Mignola | artofmikemignola.com

Other Resources:

52 Weeks Project | gregthings.com/the-52-weeks-project
Indeh | gregthings.com/indeh
Meadowlark | gregthings.com/meadowlark
THE WORK, Greg Ruth | muddycolors.com/the-work
The Phenomenology of Spirit, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel | On Amazon
Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud | On Amazon

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Art by Greg Ruth, / Music by Dylan Roth