Episode 22: Chaos Is More Interesting, with Jeff Simpson

Concept Artist and Illustrator Jeff Simpson joins us for this deep dive through living with artistic uncertainty, intent, and searching for the real and the interesting.

Guest Host

Jeff Simpson | instagram.com/jeffsimpsonkh

Artists Mentioned:

Bobby Chiu | imaginismstudios.com/bobby-chiu
Mark English | On Google Images
Egon Schiele | On Google Images
Gustav Klimt | On Google Images
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec | | On Google Images
Ralph McQuarrie | On Google Images
Raphael Lacoste | raphael-lacoste.com
Pablo Picasso | On Google Images
Ian Miller | ian-miller.org
Jaime Jones | artpad.org
Chase Stone | chasestoneart.com
James Jean | jamesjean.com
Bertha Wegmann | On Google Images
Scott McCloud | http://scottmccloud.com/
Alex Kanevsky | somepaintings.net
Francis Bacon | On Google Images
Lucian Freud | On Google Images
Phil Hale | instagram.com/philhalestudio

Images Discussed:

Pigs, c. 1906, Pablo Picasso | See Image

Other Resources:

Magnus | On Netflix
Figurative Art (Instagram) | instagram.com/figurative.art
Contemporary Figurative Art (Instagram) | instagram.com/contemporary_figurative.art
Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, Scott McCloud | barnesandnoble.com/understanding-comics
Artist Decoded Podcast | artistdecoded.com
     Alex Kanevsky, "Naive vs. Sentimental Artists + The Search for Honesty and Clarity" | artistdecoded.com/14-Alex-Kanevsky
Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn | trojan-unicorn.com

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Art by Jeff Simpson, / Music by Dylan Roth