Episode 24: The Other Side of "Making It"

All good stories have a sequel, but that story doesn't always get told. Tommy and Micah talk through everything that comes up after you "become an illustrator."

Artists Mentioned:

Tim O'Brien | obrienillustration.com
Sam Weber | sampaints.com
Victo Ngai | victo-ngai.com
Steve Argyle | steveargyle.com
Lauren Panepinto | laurenpanepinto.com
Winona Nelson | winonanelsonart.com
Nicola Samori | nicolasamori.com
Nicholas "Sparth" Bouvier | sparth.com
Ben Oliver | instagram.com/benoliverart
Brian Stelfreeze | twitter.com/Stelfreeze
Sachin Teng | sachinteng.com
Bernie Fuchs | On Google Images
David Palumbo | dvpalumbo.com

Other Resources:

Your Dreams My Nightmares | yourdreamsmynightmares.com
The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness | On YouTube
How Does an AD Pick an Artist?, Lauren Panepinto | On Muddy Colors
Story, Robert McKee | At Barnes & Noble
The Life & Art of Bernie Fuchs, David Apatoff | illustration-magazine.com/fuchs

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Art by Bernie Fuchs, / Music by Dylan Roth